Central Wing Chun, founded in 2022 by Henry Chan Sze Lok and Wong Pui Yee, is situated in the vibrant heart of Hong Kong. Both Henry and Pui Yee embarked on their Wing Chun journey in the early 1990s.

Henry CHAN Sze Lok, a martial artist since 1980s. He discovered Wing Chun in 1995. The practicality of Wing Chun captivated him. Over the years, Henry’s dedication grew, leading him to become an assistant instructor in this ancient art.

Before establishing his own Wing Chun school and earning the title of Sifu, Henry served as a senior instructor. He shared his knowledge in group classes, private sessions, and even appeared on TV programs.
One of his proudest moments? Breaking the Guinness World Record with the largest martial art class—over 3000 participants. Henry’s passion for Wing Chun fuels his commitment to teaching.
He eagerly looks forward to sharing insights into Wing Chun Kung Fu with all who seek it.

Wong Pui Yee’ martial arts journey began in 1993 when she started studying Wing Chun.

In 1997 to 1999 she studied Wing Chun and Escrima full time in order to become a licensed instructor, and subsequently joined the instructors’ team as well as the administrative staff of a large Martial Arts association. Later she went on to become the manager of this same organization.

In 2007 she decided to seek out, interview and train with different masters in Hong Kong. Pui Yee’s path in the world of Wing Chun has been remarkable. She trained with various masters, absorbing their insights. Eventually, she chose the Wong Shun Leung lineage and moved to Hong Kong. For over 30 years, she dedicated herself to Wing Chun. In 2023, her dream came true—she founded her own Wing Chun school. Her passion continues to inspire new generations of practitioners.

Apart from her many years’ experience with Martial Arts, Pui Yee holds a Master Degree in East Asia Studies.

Meet the Instructors


Henry Chan Sze Lok

Co-Founder and Head instructor

Wong Pui Yee

Co-Founder and Head instructor

Alan Tai

Senior instructor

Tse Chi Ming


Jeffrey Wong Sze Yeung


Otto Chung



Nathan Garrod

Head Instructor, United Kingdom

Gary Yip

Instructor, United Kingdom

Ryouichi Ishijima

Head instructor, Japan

Wong Ping Tung

Head instructor, Melbourne


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